Harvey Frommer

Yankee Century and Beyond

(Sourcebooks, Inc., November 2007, ISBN: 1402210027)


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My favorite book (to date) by Harvey was a real gem titled “A Yankee Century: A Celebration of the First Hundred Years of Baseball's Greatest Team.” This book covered it all from their historic beginnings as the New York Highlanders playing in Manhattan's Hilltop Park in 1903, to their reign as the modern-day dynasty that brought Major League Baseball into a new millennium with World Series championships in '96, '98, '99, and 2000. With the release of the updated version “A Yankee Century and Beyond” Frommer has once again outdone his previous effort by incorporating the latest developments in the storied franchise since the centennial of baseball’s winningest team, This new edition of this richly illustrated study offers profiles of the team’s legendary players and coaches, detailed statistics, unforgettable moments on and off the field, rare period photographs, trivia, and more. I was particularly pleased to see some great new photography and plenty of all-time lists showcasing a myriad of Yankee records and achievements.
Michael Aubrecht

A Yankee Century and Beyond Is An All-Inclusive Trip
Byline: Russ Cohen

re you looking for a one-way ticket to Yankeeville? Well of course there is no such a place but the closest thing that I have seen is a book called, “Yankee Century and Beyond” by Harvey Frommer.

Are you looking for the date of important moments in Yankees history? Its in there and so are hundreds more dating back to the 1890’s - - The Babe was born in 1895.

Once again the pictures in this book are spectacular. There are nice shots of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, but the shots that will hit home include the line of people that were mourning the death of Ruth (my mom vividly remembers that day), and a shot with Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons, Ruth and Gehrig may be the best. Tell me the book that has pictures of the old Yankee Stadium as well as renderings of the new Yankee Stadium?
Talkin’ Yankees was a chapter that had to take years to make. When you see all of the quotes from all the terrific players that are included in there your eyes will get very big, very quickly.

The dictionary of Stengelese should have been made back in 1962 when he managed the New York Mets. I once asked the late great, Richie Ashburn about playing for him and his reaction was one that got a laugh and a shake of the head at the same time. Here is a sample:

If Casey called a player a “Road Apple” that meant that he was a bum! That’s classic Casey!

There is a number that stands out in the “By The Numbers” chapter. $189,000,000 was the figure and it’s the amount of money that the Yankees paid for their captain when they signed him to a 12-year deal in 2001. Derek Jeter makes $12.6 million annually so why did those girls have to twist his arm to validate their parking?

There is a 100-question Yankee quiz, which now makes this book a must buy for those fans who drive down to spring training every season. This would be a good section to play around with in the car while you watch the orange tree’s rolling past you.
Because of this book I learned that the Yanks had 56, 20-game winners, but they haven’t had one since 2001! Here is the last fun fact. The Yankees have only had eight Rookie of the Year winners in the history of the franchise! I would have guessed that there were more and that’s why you should get this book. If you think you are an expert on the club, think again, this book will set you straight!.

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Has It Really Been a Yankee Century?

New Book Chronicles One of Sport’s Most Storied Teams

"Yankee fans who can't learn enough about their favorite team will think they died and went to heaven with all that Frommer offers on each page."
—Publishers Weekly

In the world of politics, the term is “polarizing.” It’s used for people and organizations that evoke strong feelings, both positive and negative. If you looked up that word in a sports dictionary, however, you’d find a picture of The New York Yankees. No other team in Sport is more simultaneously loved and hated than the embattled Yanks. But by the same token, no other team is more storied, more celebrated, or more woven into the fabric of American culture than the Bronx Bombers.

As far as baseball is concerned, the last hundred years have truly been a Yankee Century. So claims Harvey Frommer, author of Yankee Century and Beyond: A Celebration of the First Hundred Plus Years of Baseball’s Greatest Team (ISBN: 978-1-4022-1002-0; November, 2007; $17.00 US / $22.00 CAN).

Yankee Century captures 106 years of Yankee life in reflections, stats, facts, and historic images. From their beginning as the New York Highlanders, playing in Manhattan's Hilltop Park in 1903, to reigning over Major League Baseball as it entered a new millennium—with World Series Championships in '96, '98, '99 and 2000—the Yankees represent a century-long legacy of triumphs and defeats, legends and lore, as an enduring symbol of America's favorite pastime.

More than just an atlas of statistics, Yankee Century contains reflections, quotes and profiles from individuals who are at the heart of the Yankee Mystique. Personalities include: Mel Allen, Yogi Berra, Chris Chambliss, Don Larsen, and Bob Sheppard. It also includes tributes to the greats: From Mickey Mantle to Don Mattingly, Vic Raschi to Allie Reynolds and Joltin' Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter.

"The Definitive Chronology"

Destined to become the defining chronicle of the Yankees’ first hundred years, Yankee Century and Beyond is a must-have collector’s volume not only for Yankee fans, but for anyone who appreciates the history and relevance of American Sport.

Harvey Frommer is a noted sports journalist and historian, the author of thirty-eight books on sports, including Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball and The New York Yankee Encyclopedia, as well as autobiographies of legends Nolan Ryan, Tony Dorsett and Red Holzman. He has also written, along with his wife, hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines and on the internet.
Frommer is a sought after public speaker, and a regular on radio and television sports shows. He is a professor at Dartmouth college and a long time Yankee fan who wrote for Yankees Magazine for sixteen years..

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A Yankee Century: A Celebration of the First Hundred Years of Baseball's Greatest Team
By Harvey Frommer, Professor in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program
Berkeley Books 2002
Reviewed by Andrew Bailey '03

Winning more regular season games than any other franchise in the history of baseball, including 38 American League championships and 26 World Series, no team both defined and dominated the sport of baseball in the 20th century as did the New York Yankees. A Yankee Century captures the wonder and mystique that surrounds the team in a detailed album of stories, statistics, biographies, quotes and pictures. Harvey Frommer, a longtime Yankees fan, recreates the frequent highs and few lows of the franchise in an entertaining and accessible manner, relying on countless interviews with the players and coaches that made the Yankees great. The book is divided into a number of diverse sections detailing different aspects of the Yankees, including timelines, memorable moments, rosters, stadiums, and a 100-question quiz. An account by fan Barry Deutsch gives an example of both the power that the Yankees held and the passion that they inspired in their fans throughout the century:

When I was a kid growing up in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, there was no television. You saw occasional glimpses of baseball games in newsreels. You traded baseball cards. But mainly, you listened to the radio and envisioned what was going on. My becoming a Yankee fan had a lot to do with hearing Mel Allen on the radio. I liked his mellifluous voice, the way he described the game and talked about the players. Listening to Mel Allen was my first exposure to baseball, so to me, the Yankees were baseball…. Since those days, I have traveled quite a lot and lived in a number of places outside the United States, and it strikes me as significant that wherever I am, if I mention the Yankees, almost everyone seems to know who they are.



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