Harvey Frommer

Where Have All Our Red Sox Gone?

(Taylor Publishing Company, 2006 Hardcover;  ISBN: 1589792866)


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What they've said about this book:

"In Where Have All Our Red Sox Gone Harvey Frommer interviews 40 Red Sox players and managers who share their wistful memories of playing in Fenway Park and then bring the readers up-to-date on their lives off of the field. Many players, having found their home in New England, remained in the historic Boston area, and some even stayed on with the team. Frommer discovered that 94-year-old Charlie Wagner, for example, is still consulted about Red Sox prospects. And Wagner is not even the oldest living Red Sox: that honor belongs to Bill Werber, 97, who played with the team as a third baseman from 1933-36. Former pitching ace Bill Lee (1969-1978), known as "Spaceman" in his playing days, is an author and well-known speaker living in Northern Vermont.
Whatever their current occupation, however, most former players take the view of former shortstop Billy Consolo whose career included stints with six different teams: "I identify myself as a Red Sox. Absolutely. That was my youth."
- rlpg.com

"Frommer interviews 40 players and managers and writes a piece on each of them. I will date myself, but reading about Johnny Pesky brought back many memories. I grew up outside of Boston and my parents were avid Red Sox fans. We weren't allowed to mention the Boston Braves or the New York Yankees! We used to take family outings to Fenway Park and watch Johnny Pesky, Bobby Doerr, Dominic DiMaggio and Ted Williams play. You can read about Bob Montgomery, Jim Lonborg, Frank Malzone and the oldest living Red Sox player, Charlie Wagner, who is 94 years old. This is a book filled with fun facts and great stories about this team that New England holds in its heart."
- Gray News, Maine


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